Beonprice is a hotel's strategic revenue optimization solution.
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About Beonprice

Beonprice is bringing the value of revenue management technology to a new level. While data-drivenly optimizing your RevPAR, the Hotel Quality Index (HQI™) is the nuance that contributes to Guest Retention, thereby giving you a strategic advantage over your competition.

The comprehensive solution enables you to take informed decisions based on high quality data that feeds into a highly adaptive AI-driven algorithm, providing you with the most accurate pricing recommendations in any given situation.

True to their motto “data-driven RevPAR – people-driven service”, Beonprice considers itself a strategic partner in bringing a sophisticated Revenue Management culture to your organization. This is enhanced by their “Agile Pricing” approach as well as the Beonprice Academy.


Market intelligence

- Competitive positioning (HQI™) - Competitor´s strategy - Online reputation - Events

69 €/monthlyPer property

-Forecast - Dynamic recommendations - Segmentation - E- commerce & Retargeting Campaigns (coming soon)

5 €/monthlyPer room
RMS + Autopilot

- Autopilot - Automatic publications validated by the revenue manager

7 €/monthlyPer room