Sales engine powered by feature-based intelligence with real-time revenue management.
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About GauVendi

Real time revenue management from your Point of Sale. Our Central Sales System and Sales Engine manages room inventory, availability, and pricing in a granular way through digitalization of all dimensions of the room experience (location, design, bathroom setups etc.) and repackages inventory into Room Feature Combinations optimized for all sales channels & travel segments! Sell the same rooms under different names for different price points to different guest profiles!

Your Benefits:

  • Drive higher asset returns through monetisation of unique and idle room features
  • Reduce operating costs through automating your reservation and room assignment processes
  • Ability to sell special requests like “connecting rooms, rooms next to each other”, fully automated without any manual work
  • Differentiate your marketing communication through unique call to actions and exclusive products
  • Drive more direct and higher value bookings through new sales techniques powered by the first global feature-sales engine
  • Improve your entire guest experience and guest ratings through novel booking behavior data points.

Product Inclusions:

  • A.I. generated room & stay experience products Complex and multiple room booking options (connecting rooms, rooms next to each other etc.)
  • Graded label functionalities like Lowest Priced and Most Popular product suggestions
  • Opaque room selling
  • Room configurator for true personalization with %matches
  • Unlimited meals & extra service upselling
  • Promotional booking code generator & corporate booking options
  • Integrated payment systems
  • Themed travel tags for better booking relevance & marketing campaigns
  • Unlimited room product sales without overwhelming booking displays
  • Pricing by room features
  • Automated pricing & lead pricing system capabilities
  • 6 languages and multiple currencies included
  • Advanced voice operator mask for reservations & remote offices
  • Flexible sales plan creations with freedom to change payment, cancellation and restrictions per day
  • Newsletter sign up options
  • Meta search & programmatic campaign connecting applications
  • Automated best-fit room assignments & optimization

Uses cases:

Integration features

Retrieve properties & reservations from apaleo

Gauvendi gets the bookings per property

Create or modify and assign unit to a reservation

Gauvendi allows to create or modify new reservations and assign unit to it

Create/modify/delete: Service, Rate Plan, Cancellation Policy

Gauvendi allows to create, modify or delete: Services, Rate Plans, Cancellation Policy


Starting price

Sell unlimited stay products and optimize them for all channels and segments.

2 €/monthlyPer room