GauVendi - Revolutionize your Sales

Hyper-personalization (AI) with polydynamic & feature-based inventory management.
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About GauVendi - Revolutionize your Sales

Every room has multiple stories. So does each guest! Pivot your perfromance with polydynamic & feature-based inventory management:

  1. Distribution – Differentiated Inventory Management
  2. Direct Sales – Hyper-personalization & Attribute-based Selling
  3. Automation – Dynamic Inventory Management
  4. Revenue Management – Feature-based
  5. Intelligence – Novel buying behavior insights

Your benefits:

  • Net Promoter Score uplift
  • New revenue source & instant upsells by selling room features
  • Channel shift, more direct & higher value bookings
  • Less manual work and reduced costs
  • Higher asset appreciation
  • Novel guest insights


  • Internet Sales Engine
  • Telephone operator module & Email Proposal Module
  • Inventory Automation
  • Revenue Engine
  • Business Intelligence


  • PMS, Channel Manager, Metasearch
More direct & higher value bookings
Enable attribute-based selling and novel revenue management through our dynamic & feature-based inventory management.
Automated Best-Fit room assignments
Dynamic room optimization & best-fit room allocations based on novel inventory management practices.
Higher yields
Monetize all unique room characteristics and automate your pricing for all room products.
Net Promoter Score uplift
Full transparency at time of booking managing guest expectations better and allowing all hosts to WOW their guests during arrival based on booking context.

Integration features

Internet Sales Engine & Email Proposals

Personalization at time of booking allowing guests to select high floor, specific bathroom setups or other relevant features for their trip. Hoteliers upsell unique room features & attributes directly online, via telephone, email or send automatic proposals with time release stamps.

Dynamic Inventory Automation

Dynamic room optimization for all reservations from all channels to maximize RevPAR, automated pricing and restrictions for room categories to avoid overbooking of room categories and best-fit room assignments.

Revenue Engine incl. Feature-based Revenue Management

Automated pricing and price predictions based on demand, booking pace, occupancy and guest booking behaviour managing daily room feature pricing and room category pricing for all distribution channels. Felxible data sources for better results such as macro data can be included.


Starting price subject to module

An onboarding fee applies including best-practice setup & workflow practices using apaleo with GauVendi.

3.8 €/monthlyPer roomFree for 30 days