Guest Web App by Bookboost

All the information your guests need at their fingertips and without having to download anything.
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About Guest Web App by Bookboost

Create an effortless experience for your guests and increase their satisfaction by offering the right information at their fingertips.

Provide your guests with a fully integrated experience by sharing personalised recommendations, allowing them to check in online, book additional services, make in-room service requests, access events, and more.

Booking management at hand
Your guests can manage their booking, check in online and find relevant information to enjoy a stay where things just flow.
Reduce the customer effort
Your guests can access the information they need, services and more, all in one place, and with no downloads. Literally with just one click.
Cross-selling opportunities
You can customise the guest app as you wish, including all the additional services guests can request, giving them the chance to upgrade their experience with your brand.

Integration features

Onboard via SMS or WhatsApp

Bookboost Guest Web App doesn't need to be downloaded. You can onboard your guests through an SMS or WhatsApp, making the experience easier from the beginning.

Personalise the guest web app in the way you want

Create the content in the way your brand needs it, with the right colours, images, and more.

Integrated with different tools for your guests

The guest web app allows you to offer in one single app, different tools for your guests: online check-in and check-out, access to a digital key for the room, in-room service requests, access to events, hotspots and more.


Guest Experience Plan

Give your guests personalised information during their stay. Create profiles for every guest to grow your audience.

4 €/monthlyPer room
Full CX Platform

Handle all inbound & outbound communication - on the right channel, at the right time, to the right profile.

8 €/monthlyPer room