RobosizeME - Nationality Statistics

Automate your Nationality Statistics reporting process with RobosizeME and save your staff hours !

About RobosizeME - Nationality Statistics

RobosizeME offers a fully automated Nationality Statistics reporting app that will reduce the time it takes to prepare and submit NS data from hours down to minutes.

Our solution calculates all the necessary data and fills out the respective form for you. We gather reservation and guest information from Apaleo via API and we create reports automatically without any input required from you.

We generate statistics reports for properties in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Get the App now and save your staff hours of manual data processing on a monthly basis!

Eliminate repetitive tasks
Automate mundane and repetitive tasks.
Increase accuracy
Eliminate data processing errors that could occur during manualy delivered processes.
Increase revenue and staff potential
Automations allow hotel staff to focus on more operationally curcial tasks and on the guests.

Integration features

Monthly Reservation Syncup

The solution retrieves reservation records every month. These reservation records are necessary for calculating the correct data that needs to be reported to your authorities.

Automatic Calculation of Data Input

Based on different criteria, the automation calculates the correct numbers for your monthly reporting survey, excluding day use rooms, cancelled reservations etc.

Automatic Submission of Data into Authorities Surveys

The solution is design to work with various webforms or offline questionnaires to prefill it with the calculated data. After successful input, the solution submits the data to authorities if possible and notifies the client about successful submission.


Monthly Subscription

Our team will work with you to ensure the solution works. 1-time setup fee.

25 €/monthly