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Revenue Management

Headquartered in Sweden, Atomize helps hotels around the globe to maximize their revenue, by automatically setting the optimal price per room type. Used in more than 50 countries, across five continents, by properties in the wide range of 50 to 1250 rooms.

Atomize is known as an innovator and maverick in the revenue management software category. During 2019 Atomize was the first RMS to solve real-time price optimization which opens up huge possibilities for hotels to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

After only 2 years in the market, Atomize Revenue Management System was ranked number 1 on

  • 24/7/365 real-time pricing – Prices are being automatically optimized, whenever demand changes, 365 days into the future.
  • Save hours of valuable time – Atomize sophisticated and easy-to-use hotel revenue management system will increase your efficiency and save hours of manual work.
  • 15-20 % revenue uplift – Atomize customer portfolio shows an average revenue uplift of 15% after 12 months.

The product works globally for Hotels of all sizes.

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