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Bedaya Connect is a middleware that supports customers to connect apaleo with several systems. Currently, we offer two standard exports:

1. Swiss Federal Statistic Office: This export is for Swiss customers that need to send their hotel statistics to the Swiss Federal Statistic Office every month. Bedaya automates this process. The price is 10 CHF/EUR per month and property.

2. Hotel Control Zurich: The data of all guests that are in-house at the current day are sent to the Zurich Cantonal Police (Hotelkontrolle). The price is 50CHF/EUR per month and property if the upload is done by a Bedaya Cloud PC. If you use your own PC the price is 25 CHF/EUR per month and property.

If you need a connection to a system that we don’t support yet contact our support at We will evaluate together how we can integrate your system with apaleo.

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