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better.guest BYOD – The digital guest directory as a BYOD (bring your own device solution) for smartphones is the most innovative web app for your hotel guests.  Your guests are up-to-date with the smart hotel app and have all information about your hotel, excursion tips or special hotel offers on their smartphone in their pocket during the whole guest journey. And if a guest gets lost in the city, your new hotel app will help him find your hotel at the touch of a button. Experience how easy it is to connect with your guests with the aid of the smart web app solution for your hotel.

Without time-consuming searching or googling, your guests can find all the important information about your hotel, excursion destinations and the surrounding area in a single app. Don’t wait for tomorrow and start into the digital future now with your new individual hotel app.

The smart app was developed as a hybrid solution, which is available as a web version but also as an Android or IOS version for download. That means, as soon as your guests connect to your hotel’s wireless network, they have full access to your innovative web app and can easily find out about your hotel, your offers in the hotel and much more.

Your advantages:

  • Increases guest loyalty
  • Promotes hotel offers
  • Check-in and check-out including payment
  • Digital key – door opening
  • Ensures hardware independence
  • Insider tips to take away
  • Evaluation of guests’ interests
  • Optimises processes
  • Prefill digital registration form
  • Raise’s guest satisfaction
  • Relieves employees
  • Optimizes internal processes

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