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Key Systems

BlueID ACCESS® is a highly secure Proptech mobile access technology that helps to turn smartphones into secure digital keys. By granting access  permissions, it enables effective guest management; mobile identification, access control. BlueID has developed a modern cloud based, as a Service key system that works with mobile keys and NFC Cards. BlueID is lock vendor independent which allows customers to select their preferred lock vendor.

With BlueID ACCESS customers benefit from the following features:

  • MOBILE KEYS APP: Mobile keys are issued for selected users, user groups, lock groups and time periods. All permissions can be managed and revoked flexibly. A dedicated mobile app runs on Android & IOS
  • MOBILE KEYS SDK: SDK’s for customer’s app development are available to support further processes such as Check-In and Check Out.
  • CLOUD BASED KEY SYSTEM: Features a key plan offering utmost flexibility for lock and lock group configuration and setup. import of existing locks or door lists can be done with a mouse-click. Guest management and key management, as well as user management with standard roles.
  • LOCK INSTALLATION APP: A digital cylinder/lock installation tool works real time on a dedicated app. The mobile phone itself is used to scan and identify lock id‘s before automatically adding them to the key plan.
  • BLUEID TOKEN CARD: The Blueid token card or dongle can be used as an alternative to mobile keys. A dedicated mobile phone app transfers the access permissions directly onto the card or dongle.

Get started and visit out website to find out more about our lock partners and products.

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