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Guest communication

At Bookboost, we love hotels, hostels and serviced apartments – the atmosphere, the services, the people… Our mission is to build a bridge between these people using cutting-edge technology, creating a truly superior experience for both guests and staff. Every time, every day.

Our Unified Inbox empowers hotel employees to truly engage with guests, freeing up the time and energy they’d spend on repetitive tasks and instead channeling it into more personal (and profitable) interactions.

Use our automated, integrated and collaborative communication platform to increase your hotel’s efficiency and value in the eyes of your guests and staff. As for setting it up? Don’t worry – we’ll help you every step of the way.

Bring your hotel, hostel or serviced apartment into the future with Bookboost. We can’t wait to see you!

HOW IT WORKS – built by hoteliers for hoteliers

Bookboost enhances your guest experience with highly customisable customer journeys, and the chance to communicate with guests directly through a single platform.Our control dashboard (including big data analytics, data tracking and KPI settings) lets you leverage all data about your guests to improve your hotel’s operational efficiency.

Once we’ve personally introduced the many features in our guest communication platform to you – live chatbots, email marketing, personalised upsell promotions and more! – you can use them in the perfect way to complement your individual business strategy.

FEATURES – to streamline operations and improve guest engagement

  • All-in-on communication: our Unified Inbox includes a Guest Messenger, Web Messenger and OTA Profiling solution, so you and your guests can interact in any way they (and you!) prefer.
  • Operational efficiency: our Task Management and Automation tools are essential for improving resource management, taking the weight off your staff by automating repetitive tasks and structuring day-to-day tasks.
  • Business technology: big data analytics, a comprehensive CRM and extensive list of third-party integrations are a modern hotel’s bread-and-butter. Bookboost has all this and more packaged into a detailed, yet intuitive interface – so not one drop of customer data goes to waste.

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Feedback from Hoteliers

"At Cityhub it's all about authenticity and building genuine relationships, we want every single one of you to have an amazing experience and feel totally at ease. We use Bookboost to be able to implement strategies to ensure we deliver on our vision"

Cityhub | Sem Schuurkes | CEO

"Bookboost is offering us a very modern and excellent way to communicate between the digital nomads and our Ho(s)tel Brand! It is fast, safe and easy. We really liked the way how Bookboost treated us in the beginning - entering & learning this progress. That was an excellent support!"

Superbude | Jörn Hoppe | General Manager

"Bookboost's guest messaging solution has increased our guest engagement significantly. It's easy to communicate with Bookboost and they offer great support. Bookboost reacts fast to requests regarding product features. They value customer feedback and continuously improve their software to be the best guest messaging solution."

Citybox AS | William Fosser | Manager