Channel Connect

Get connected to one of the biggest global Online Travel Agents, manage availabilities and rates from within apaleo and watch those reservations fly in!

Distribution is one of the most known Online Travel Agents and can help you to increase your business significantly. For you as a hotelier it is very important to have full control about which inventory you want to sell for what kind of price on this important distribution channel.

apaleo Channel Connect allows you to manage your rates and restrictions within apaleo and see them updated immediately on Reservations are floating in to the apaleo PMS in seconds with all the information about the guest at hand. In combination with the apaleo Payment Integration the money will be captured automatically, no matter if it is a personal or a virtual credit card. Even the reporting of e.g. invalid credit cards to to allow you cancelling the reservation is done for you, so you can focus on increasing your revenues.

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