Revenue management, CRMs, channel management, automation and more
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Meeting Room Management

Customice is an intelligent & visual online configurator and booking engine for events . Seamlessly integrated into your web appearance.
State-of-the-art, intuitive & user friendly.

✓ Gain revenue
✓ 24/7 real time information
✓ Reduce your lead time

Cloud event configuration for hotels & venues wanting to automate.

Hotels & venues
1. save time
2. prevent errors
3. maximize revenue

HKeeper reduces your hotel’s operating costs by up to 30%, increases guest satisfaction, empowers workflow with automation, gives control over the use of material resources and notifies of deviations from your set goals.

Hotellistat is an “All-In-One RMB - Revenue- Market- and Business Intelligence System” optimizing a hotel‘s revenue streams and digital appearance!