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dailypoint™ – software made by Toedt, Dr. Selk & Coll. GmbH

dailypoint™ is the leading #abovePMS solution for individual hotels & hotel groups. dailypoint™ collects data from all relevant sources such as PMS, POS, website, newsletter or Wi-Fi and creates a central and consolidated guest profile. The integrated patent-pending data cleaning processes and special artificial intelligence (AI) are used in addition to the application and generate extensive guest knowledge.

The cloud-based SaaS solution is the ideal basis for centralized data management (CDM). dailypoint™ consists of 14 modules and is complemented by the dailypoint™ Marketplace with more than 100 solution partners.

This allows dailypoint™ not only be used for measurable marketing (CRM) and optimal direct sales, it also covers the entire customer journey & thus supports all departments of a hotel. The integrated Privacy Dashboard is also the central element for the technical implementation of the GDPR.


Central Profile

It’s always been a hoteliers’ dream to know about their guests’ habits, wishes and aversions – it just makes it easier to keep them smiling. The clean and central profile provides an overview of and insight into all available guest data. You can view their buying behaviour, their wishes, preferences, interests, feedback results or special requirements. The dailypoint™ Central Profile is getting updated constantly and is being enriched by using the most current AI and machine learning processes included in the Profile Engine. Each booking, each click or feedback – everything is recorded and can be used. You will be amazed how much valuable information you have stored – which you were not aware of! By linking to your PMS system you provide your staff with the relevant information at the point of sale and hugely improve and personalize service and guest recognition.


Data Laundry

The Data Laundry in dailypoint™ is one of the key functionalities and the pre-requisite to consolidate data from different systems to create a central profile. More than 15 years of development resulted in the most sophisticated data cleansing algorithms for international guest data. A fully automated match and merge process handles even millions of records from different sources. For all major PMS systems, dailypoint™ offers 2-way interfaces to make sure, that the created knowledge is available everywhere in the hotel. For certain systems, like for Oracle Opera or Protel, dailypoint™ also cleans the data within the PMS.


AI/Profile Engine

Learn WHO your Customers are – like a data professional! With the Profile Engine within dailypoint™ you get a full picture of each customer using the thousands of micro-moments happening every day and coming from the different touchpoints consolidated in dailypoint™. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning processes transform the massive amount of consolidated data from the PMS, POS, Website, WiFi, Social Media, Newsletter, and so on to create meaningful knowledge you can finally use for an individual service or to improve sales and marketing actions. What does the guest really want, what are his main interests, what is he looking for, what does he like and what not? The data can tell you and with the Profile Engine in dailypoint™ it is only a fingertip away.


Campaign Management

With dailypoint™ your marketing is not only streamlined, in many cases automated and highly individualized, your marketing finally is also measurable. Manage different channels and all guest communications centrally within one system. No more over-communication with the usage of communication rules. From newsletters to text messages, push messages, offers, booking confirmations or any automations like pre- and post-stay messages – with dailypoint™ you have everything under control. The Campaign Management allows you to send the right people the right information at the right time using one of the best email-management systems on the market. And it is a closed-loop, the more you communicate with your guests, the more you learn about them. And the distribution of your emails is being handled via certified servers (whitelisting).


Integrated Voucher System

No matter if you want to make prospective customers book or get additional bookings from your existing guests, 360° by dailypoint™ offers an integrated Voucher System – a great tool for your cross and upselling and to enhance your direct booking strategy.

Fully integrated into your automated marketing campaigns, it integrates the booking incentives whenever you believe it makes sense. You always have full control – be sure it cannot be misused! With the use of our integrated voucher system, one of our customers generated an additional turnover of € 250,000 within 12 months.



The dailypoint™ Questionnaire System combines a complete Online Reputation Management (ORM) tool with a professional form builder. Everything is responsive and can be adapted to your corporate design. Data exchange with leading reputation platforms like TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck or Google Places ensures a global presence and customer acquisition. Important: Each answered questionnaire is connected to the respective guest profile. The benefits are among others a value based complaint management, better analytics and decision making. By using the dailypoint™ Profile Engine you create interests automatically or preferences based on the given answers – for a comprehensive complaint management and analysis of your guest needs. Due to a special questioning methodology daily point ™,  not only calculates the satisfaction level, it also shows you the importance of the different services a hotel provides. In addition, you can use the Form Manager to create e.g. profile update pages, real-time feedback, order forms or registration cards for the pre-check-in. Take a look at our Success Story and find out how the Hotel München Palace pushes Sales with a great Online Reputation Management.



A wide range of pre-defined guest and data quality reports help you to read and interpret your data properly. Whether it is an analysis of the questionnaire results, the results of your marketing campaigns, the value of your customer segments or the quality of your data – there are predefined reports with a wide variety of filter functionalities available.

Dailypoint™ is the pioneer of the RFM segmentation in the hotel Business wich you can use for marketing segmentation or service improvements. The values of the RFM segmentation can of course be adapted to your individual needs.


Loyalty and Points Program

dailypoint™ offers a fully integrated and scalable Loyalty Program which can be used by individual hotels as well by multi-brand hotel groups. Create a tailor-made program just for your company to drive loyalty and direct bookings. It offers an easy to adjust guest portal. Alternatively, you have the option of a full integration in your own hotel website using the dailypoint™ API for the data exchange. Create multiple tears, use the automated points calculation or the optional crediting function to add or deduct points manually for instance at the front desk or your reservations department. No additional hardware is needed. On top, dailypoint™ offers interfaces to Payback, Lufthansa Miles & More, Deutsch Bahn Bonus and others. Take a look at our Success Story and learn how Platzl Hotels increases Direct Bookings with their loyalty program “Mei Platzl”.


Website Connect

With Website Connect you power your website to a direct booking engine. It closes the common gap between a hotel website and the guest profiles. Via an easy to integrate dailypoint™ tracking code you can find out who enters your website and link the visitor in real-time with the existing dailypoint™ profile. Use automated retargeting promotions by e-mail if no booking is made or individualize the content on your website by combining Website Connect with the daily point API. With Website Connect you can also easily create a Direct Booking Club by using the integrated Overlay functionality. Take a look at how Platzl Hotels in Munich uses the Website Connect in our Success Story.


Business Intelligence with dailypoint™ and Tableau™

dailypoint™ as the leading Data Management Platform follows the strategy of integrating best-of-breed solutions in certain areas. For data scientists or advanced users who want to analyse and visualize the available data, we offer tableau. Tableau has been one of the top five BI tools worldwide for years. With the integration into dailypoint™ we offer a BI tool for a fraction of the costs of an individual installation. Tableau is easy to handle and offers a variety of opportunities to analyse data and graphically illustrate the output. Dailypoint™ offers a wide variety of data sources to use. Important to know: you can get access to all your data. We give you full access, which is very uncommon.


Privacy Dashboard

With the integrated central Privacy Dashboard in dailypoint™, you can manage all technically relevant GDPR processes. Perform information or deletion requests in all connected systems – fully automatically. With the dailypoint™ Privacy Dashboard we provide you with a tool to become GDPR compliant from a technical perspective. Without using a central profile and a privacy dashboard hotels are in the risk of heavy penalties because of uncomplete or undocumented GDPR requests. We take data privacy seriously and support our hotels to do the same.


Webservice – dailypoint™ API

The cloud-based architecture of dailypoint™ allows the easy interaction with other systems like your website, your housekeeping software or the hotel app. Get access to the central profile, stays, preferences, loyalty Points and so on to leverage the knowledge wherever it is needed. With the dailypoint™ API, we offer a simple and inexpensive connection. Please check our Developer Registrations for more Details.


Event Calendar

Your hotel or the destination of the hotel has various offers for special occasions or events?

Why not entertain your guests by providing them with an Event Calendar of your hotel and / or the destination prior to their arrival that is dependent on their arrival dates. This simple but very effective tool is particularly useful for business travellers. You can integrate your events via Google onto your website or even on the information screens at the hotel. Share your offers with them.


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