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DerbySoft Property Connector:

DerbySoft Property Connector is a Single Platform to Connect to All Your Distribution Partners.

  • One Stop Channels Connect: Diversify hotel channel sales to optimized reach, exposure and yields.
  • One Stop Management for availability, rates & inventory: Improve operational efficiency. Reduce manual works and errors.
  • One Stop Data Intelligence: It will provide hotel management/hotel management companies with more accurate production reports, more comprehensive channel and data analysis.

About Derbysoft:

  • Innovative technology company serving the global hospitality distribution industry since 2002.
  • Dedicated team of nearly 400 hospitality technology professionals across the world.
  • Distribution partners include top OTAs, search engines, and social media.
  • Hotel suppliers include the top global hotel groups and third-party CRSs as well as independent hotels.
  • awards Premier Connectivity Partner 2020 & 2021. Expedia GroupTM Elite Connectivity Partner 2021

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