Channelswitch by DIRS21

Supports apaleo Connect




One system updates all portals.

The higher the booking turnovers are, the more important it is to keep an overview. With DIRS21 Channelmanager you control your booking data centrally via your hotel software. All prices and availabilities update automatically and remain correct – for every booking, through every interface – no matter how complex your online distribution is. By listing in the portals, you also increase your visibility and optimize your presence on the Internet.

Your advantages with DIRS21 Channelmanager:

1. You manage prices and availabilities for all connected sales channels conveniently from your hotel software and via the DIRS21 Cockpit.

2. You make necessary central changes for all channels with just a few clicks.

3. Individual handling possible: with the channel manager you can adjust prices, rooms and offers individually and selectively depending on the portal.

4. Bookings arrive automatically: The Channelmanager synchronizes the booking data with all interfaces in real time – right into your hotel software.

5. You only pay for the connections that are expected to generate booking revenues.


Prices and Setups

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