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Upselling & Merchandising

Expect Me is the first independent room selection platform for the hotel industry. “Pick your room, like your seat on a plane.”

Our goal is helping hotels and their guests to achieve the ultimate hospitality experience and therefore we have developed a room selection & upsell platform. Expect Me allows hotel guests to select and guarantee their preferred room directly from a floor plan and detailed room overview. As the guest is taken through an intuitive step-by-step process, they are presented with different upsell opportunities that you want to offer.

By integrating Expect Me in your hotel you:

  1. Improve the guest experience.
  2. Enjoy additional net profit.
  3. Maximize operational efficiency.

For years we are used to selecting our specific seat in the airplane. It’s time to select your specific room when staying in a hotel!

“But what about the flexibility for hotel operations” you think? No worries, we have you covered! Let’s have a chat and you will be convinced of the potential.

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