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Created by hoteliers for hoteliers, FairPlanner is the easy-to-use and highly efficient cost and revenue planning software that incorporates all hotel departments.

The FairPlanner P&L planning chart of accounts is based on USALI – Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, the established international standard for the hospitality industry, making the software easy to implement and ready to use.

In addition, FairPlanner’s customization features to meet individual requirements means it caters to all hotel businesses, regardless of size, type and location.

Key Features:

  • Interfaced with accounting systems, PMS, RMS, DMS and BI solutions
  • Multifunctional – various planning scenarios, drill-down, breakdown grid, etc.
  • Automated planning using drivers (in amount or percentage)
  • Automatic standardization and consolidation for multi-properties
  • Integrated reporting system – flexible data granularity for various management levels
  • Possibility to add optional modules: Advanced Revenue Planner (daily or monthly room revenue planning per segment), FairChain (consolidation & currency conversion), FairPayroll (payroll and PTEB planning) and PickupTracking (on the books and daily pickup monitoring per segment)

Joint users of FairPlanner and apaleo benefit through the “apaleo connect”, wherein users can directly set up the import of their apaleo PMS data (OTB, available rooms, RN, ADR, Revenue, and more) into the FairPlanner planning and controlling software.

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