GauVendi Retail System

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A novel retail system with a FEATURE BASED booking engine!

Room types goodbye – display all the unique room features of your hotel and sell experiences making your own distribution channel non-comparable to any third party distribution! There are no classical room types anymore, customers select their preferred room features & attributes and are presented with best room matches showing a percentage score. GauVendi is powered by inventory management intelligence using customer reservation data to optimize retail windows in real time suggesting stay options bundled with room features, meal plans, amenities and other services making the retail journey personalized and fun for every guest.

GauVendi benefits:

  • Allows for a novel & fully customizable booking process
  • Monetizes idle room assets & enriches experiences
  • Ability to position inventory in different configurations
  • Yields and upsells room features transparently
  • Makes pricing & offering non comparable
  • Automates the room allocation process
  • Improves online search & themed campaigns
  • Gains new guest insights to steer capital investments

Be different and make your own sales channels your flagship store starting with our novel retail engine!

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