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The next generation mobile keys for hotels without downloading an app. Guestkey© by Hotek is the next generation of Cloud Low Energy controller (CLE©) and the perfect cloud solution to open hotel doors in a mobile way. With Guestkey© you provide your guest the full guest journey experience with unique combined features for the hospitality market. Guestkey© is the easy to use web-app providing access to the hotel doors and serving the guest with all the information of the hotel and surroundings needed.


  • Transfer reservation data directly from Apaleo into the Guestkey© platform.
  • All changes made in Apaleo instantly affect the users’ access rights (e.g. room change, extended stay, etc.)
  • Automated email, SMS or WhatsApp notification with a personal link to open Guestkey© web-app
  • Web-app (no download) gives instant mobile access to hotel doors, simple and effective
  • Tailor-made and available in different versions
  • Includes open API for 3rd parties to integrate the mobile opening in an existing App

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Feedback from Hoteliers

After an enormous renovation of the stately building at the Eendrachtsplein in Rotterdam in 2018 one still had to ring the intercom. Now in 2020 the guest clicks on a link, that he or she has received by email, immediately upon arrival and they can directly open the front door and the hotel room via the GuestKey webapp. During the stay in one of the urban designed rooms, which are fully equipped, the guest experiences technology that guarantees a comfortable and safe stay. We are open 24/7 through remote management. We have automated a lot. Nevertheless, personal contact remains very important. Just when the guest needs us, we are available and ready to assist them. e have started with the QR scanner. However, we have noticed that this was not always understood or used properly. And thus we have made the upgrade to the GuestKey webapp. You can inform people. It is a simple click on the link and it always works. Unplugged Rotterdam is not yet part of a chain. We do have the ambition to roll out multiple city hotels like this one. A city hotel suitable for the frequent traveller. We believe by handling space well and using the right materials we can distinguish ourselves. Technology is of paramount importance.

City Hotel Unplugged

According to Steven Verrept, Project and brand manager for Roxi Residence, value for money is expected. Nowadays, a guest expects to be able to communicate at any time with their cell phone. We have a large reception team. Communication has now been taken care of with the GuestKey webapp from Hotek. Because it is completely adapted to our needs with our logo and in our style. – It allows the guest to open the front door, hotel room and, for example, the gym. – All additional services which can make the stay more pleasant are offered via the GuestKey webapp. Such as attractions, weather, WiFi code, restaurant menu and more. – This has a direct effect on the workload of our staff, who now more than ever can dedicate their time to the guests and other important activities.

Roxi Urbun residence