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Hkeeper will reduce up to 30% of your operating expenses, save up to 20% of your administrative work time, and increase your guest satisfaction. By becoming digital with HKeeper, you shift your business to a different level, from existing manual and offline mode to automated and real-time operations.

The HKeeper architecture consists of 12 main modules and a mobile app for executives and employees. The Centralized Digital Logbook and Messenger enables you to instantly convey information to your staff and not lose information. Through the Digital Tasks Management page, you can create Housekeeping, Maintenance, ToDo, and My Tasks in real-time, prioritize, and schedule them, and send special alerts for high-priority tasks.

HKeeper’s Workflow and Employees modules monitor working progress in real-time and analyze staff performance by counting productive working time and time spent moving in between the execution of the tasks and tracks the time required for each task to be performed. All of these features allow you to increase employee productivity by 30%.
HKeeper optimizes not only quality but also your financial performance by highlighting the employees’ overtime, standard task time limit exceeds, low balances of items in the warehouses, and repetitive maintenance issues. HKeeper includes an automated counting system for used material resources and eliminates the need to spend time on inventory in warehouses.

With HKeeper, you will not have any barriers for communication with your employees, as 70 % of the information in HKeeper is visual, and HKeeper is a multilingual platform with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Using the HKeeper mobile app, each employee gets the ability to document an event or an action digitally, take photographs, add remarks, and record all questions regarding guest requests. Transmitting this information to supervisors becomes instantaneous. The mobile application functions equally well with or without Wi-Fi.

HKeeper works perfectly for managing properties in multiple locations! With Hkeeper, your back-house operations go completely green! HKeeper is dynamic, efficient, and focused on providing top quality services at the lowest cost.

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Feedback from Hoteliers

“When we started to use HKeeper, communication between departments increased instantly. The digital logbook joined all departments, and now we work together as a real team. With the dashboard view of HKeeper, we are able to be more hands-on with guests if any questions arise and can quickly address it. Without the hassle of any paper, post-it notes, or phone calls, we can quickly get the necessary information out to the right department, and with the useful logbook, no information is ever lost again. Having a one-stop-shop for all necessary actions whether it is reporting an issue or reviewing a room cleaning, gives us a great advantage in service, and we can meet, greet and check out guests with complete control. Making sure that we go beyond their expectations while staying with us.”

Katerina Hotel, Orlando

"Since we started to use HKeeper, we have seen significant benefits both internally and how service is provided to guests. HKeeper has saved a lot of time for me on administrative and preventative work organization while giving an opportunity to analyze the workflow and see negative patterns immediately and simplify everyday routines. By shifting workflow to a digital format, HKeeper gave me not the only transparency and real-time communication, but also a complete overview of everything that is going on at the property when I’m not there. Most importantly, HKeeper allowed us to reduce expenses; it also prevents me from overstocking the warehouses as I could see the daily, weekly, and monthly inventory consumption."

Katerina City Hotel, Moscow

“HKeeper has been a lifesaver since we made the transition. Starting with the onboarding that didn’t require any workflow changes and with the simple interface, all housekeepers were using it after one day of training. Stopping to use paper, pen, and walkie talkie made a considerable change overall at our hotel. The fact that I can assign and edit tasks with a click of a button makes the morning routines smooth, and I have complete control throughout the day in regards to what everyone is doing through my computer screen. My mobile application allows me to check rooms, create a task, and communicate with everybody. I no longer waste any time looking or trying to get in touch with housekeepers. I have to admit, having the inventory updated every day and knowing the balance in the warehouse is another great thing about Hkeeper. I can't even imagine how I was working without it!”

Your Travel Company, Montenegro