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About Homelike

Homelike is the largest marketplace for long-term furnished apartment rentals for business travellers. We provide a best-in-class booking experience for high-quality apartments for 30nights and more from professional landlords.

Homelike helps executives, professionals, expatriates, consultants, and trainees from around the world to find appropriate accommodation quickly and conveniently online.


5 Reasons Why Homelike

1. Cost savings

Homelike offers temporary accommodation starting from 30 nights. By booking with us, you save an average of 40% compared to local hotel rates!

2. Digital booking process

We simplify the search and comparison of furnished apartments and make renting them as easy as booking a hotel. Online viewings as well as the digital signature on the rental contract replace on-site appointments and save valuable time.

3. Reduced workload for travel managers

Homelike supports corporate customers with a personal account manager and issues professional invoices. We furthermore offer a company account to help you manage multiple travellers and provide a free whitelabel booking platform for your employees.

4. High quality apartments

All landlords are verified by our team to ensure that our strict quality standards are met. The apartments have high-quality furnishing and functional WiFi. Homelike works exclusively with professional providers and categorically excludes subletting and interimletting.

5. The “home away from home”-feeling

We offer serviced apartments and fully furnished business apartments between 15 and120 m² for every budget. In our comprehensive portfolio, you are guaranteed to find the apartment that will become your new „home away from home“!

Prices and Setups

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