Hotel Email Reservation Assistent (HERA by Hotel Res Bot)



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HERA is a Digital Assistant for Hotel Reservation Agents via an Outlook or Gmail Add-in, or other email clients.

HERA helps Hotel Reservation Agents send more attractive and compelling offers in up to 70% less time.  HERA automatically reads the incoming Emails so that when the Res Agent opens the Email, all the relevant available offers are automatically displayed to the reservation agent.  The Agent can then customize the offer and send full offers with all details including cancellation policies, room pictures – without any time-consuming copy-pasting or filling in templates.  Each offer is fully customizable.  We recommend you include a marketing description of your property, restaurant or other services and your Coronavirus protection information.

HERA can also help agents respond to frequently asked questions, and can even help you automatically process booking notifications from partners.

Included in HERA is a robust Email reporting solution that allows you to track your email volume and performance.


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