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Hotellistat offers an all-in-one market and big data analytics system for hotels and their markets, starting from simple price charts up to complex positioning analytics in the fields:
pricing, business intelligence, reputation, social media and web&e-commerce.
Modern big data analytics of your hotel market allow you to find the ideal pricing and market positioning of your hotel!

Set your own prices in combination with apaleo, directly in Hotellistat, with a view on your occupancy, pickup and your competitors’ pricing!
All at once, on one screen!

Go “From big data to smart data!

Prices and Setups

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Feedback from Hoteliers

It is amazing how easily we can manage our prices with Hotellistat – not to mention that the rates are automatically updated in our apaleo PMS and synchronized with our OTAs. Because Hotellistat is pre-integrated with apaleo, the setup was done in less than one hour...

Susanna Wörle, Hotel Uhland