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HQ revenue is an innovative cloud-based software that offers actionable insights combined seamlessly together into one user-friendly interface. With aggregated real-time data hoteliers can instantly react to dynamic markets and shifts in demand. Since their beginning in 2012, the web-based rate shopping tool has helped over 2000 hotels maximize their revenue and achieve their full revenue potential. Be a revenue maker!

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Feedback from Hoteliers

Our goal is to provide our clients with technology that helps them to drive better revenue by combining key business and market intelligence data with advanced analytics. Integrating our leading revenue management software with rate shopping tools such as HQ plus will result in our clients benefiting from the combined strengths of both these systems, automatically incorporating this market intelligence data into the pricing decisions; a unique approach by IDeaS helping also to free-up time for strategic activities to help grow their businesses.

Fabian Specht, EMEA Managing Director