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Hotel operations

The iPad POS For Restaurant and Hospitality Professionals

iKentoo is a high-performance point of sale (POS) and business management solution for hotels, franchises, chains and high-volume restaurants! iKentoo is made of two main products, an iPad POS application, and an online secure data management platform. Best of all the system easily integrates with 3rd party solutions like apaleo to ensure that you can centralize your data and operations without hassle.



1/ Increase sales

2/ Save time and money

3/ Make customers happier



iKentoo POS – the starting point of your business management solution

  • Direct sales (counter/bar), delivery, takeaway and table service
  • Complete table management, order taking, and multi-course ordering options
  • In-depth management of connected hardware (printers, client displays, kitchen displays…)
  • Automatic detection of printers
  • Orders automatically sent to the kitchen
  • Option to accept all payment methods
  • Includes advanced loyalty programs at no additional cost
  • Multiple cash float management options (cash, coupons…)
  • Ergonomic payment interface

Internet connection issues ? No worries. Keep working as if nothing happened thanks to the offline mode

iKentoo TrueSync Technology, iKentoo’s proprietary storage and communication protocol is one of the system’s strong suits. It allows you to continue working even without internet: all connected devices continue sharing data with each other in real-time. Tableside ordering remotes, kitchen displays, POS, printers, cash floats, etc. will then send all the data to the cloud as soon as the internet’s back on for it to be analyzed in your Back-Office. iKentoo thereby offers an unparalleled stability and “offline” performance.


iKentoo Back-Office – Secure Web-Based Business Management

The cloud-based business management solution allows you to configure your POS and connected hardware, as well as to monitor your sales and business performance in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

  • POS configuration
  • 50 detailed reports (financial, operation, accounting, hourly, staff, discount, stock, cancellation…)
  • Overview of each staff member’s sales performance
  • Stock and inventory management (inputs, outputs, transfers, inventory, recipes…)
  • Time-clock management (automatic or manual)
  • Detailed customer consumption analysis in the iKentoo CRM module
  • Advanced storage, archiving and data protection protocol thanks to iKentoo’s proprietary blockchain technology



iKentoo fits your needs – the system adapts, so you don’t have to!

iKentoo offers integrations with all types of third-party software, and allows you to work with the tools and in the way that suit you: payment, online booking, purchasing and inventory management, delivery, click & collect, loyalty, hotel management, accounting…

In addition, we can provide you with an open API if you want to connect your iKentoo system to a third-party solution to which we are not (or not yet) integrated.


Hotel management

iKentoo offers integrations with the leading industry PMS including cloud software like apaleo, or legacy solutions that will help you manage your restaurant or hotel bar. These integrations allow you to centralize all your revenue data, assign a ticket to a room and consolidate all your customer information without double entry or loss of information.


Payment options

The iKentoo POS is integrated with a multitude of payment options beyond cash: electronic payment terminals for debit and credit cards, iKentoo gift cards, mobile payment apps, online ordering and payment platforms and apps…

You also have the option to accept several currencies (i.e. CHF, USD and EUR). Your iKentoo POS automatically calculates the amount you have to return in the chosen currency(s) (i.e. CHF to EUR). iKentoo can be integrated with OPI-compatible electronic payment terminals (Eftpos terminals) or with a smart card or PIN reader.



To connect an existing iKentoo account with Apaleo, log into your iKentoo Back-Office and go to the Apaleo set-up page: https://console.ikentoo.com/integration/apaleo

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