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Chat, realtime feedback, info and concierge services without asking your guests to download anything.

Loopon In-Stay

Millennials and today’s hotel guests are used to having all they need a click away. With in-stay communication you provide them with just that. Being attentive & listening to your hotel guests during their stay might just be the very difference between a positive OTA review and a negative one.

  • Let guests chat with the staff using their own preferred channel (sms, e-mail, web or Facebook Messenger).
  • Solve problems efficiently & in short time while the guest is still at your hotel.
  • Automatic alerts for escalating issues (app notification, e-mail, sms, phone call). Make sure no guests are left waiting too long for a response.
  • Offer guests concierge & room service services through a familiar and convenient interface.
  • Respond to guest requests & delegate tasks to relevant departments.
  • Receive real-time feedback from guests during their stay.


By the way, when we say real-time feedback – we mean real-time feedback. No need to refresh a page to see the new comments. If a guest messages you during the stay, you will get a realtime notification inside the Loopon web app as well as in your iPhone app. If you don’t respond to that, we can send you an sms, e-mail and even make a phone-call to remind you that a guest needs attention.


How does it work?

  1. You signup to Loopon
  2. We prepare an account for you and connect to your Property Management System
  3. You choose your preferred contact channels to use with your guests: e-mail, sms, Facebook Messenger, web
  4. You choose what areas you want to request feedback for, and provide the information you want to show in the guest app
  5. When you are ready we start the automatic process:
    1. When the guest checks in to your hotel, we send an automatic welcome e-mail or sms
    2. Whenever a guest responds to the e-mail/sms, or sends feedback or a chat message in the guest app we send you a realtime notification
    3. You either solve the request, or delegate it to someone else at your hotel who solves it
    4. Your guests are delighted with their stay and give you excellent reviews after the stay 🙂



About Loopon

Loopon is on a mission to provide hotels with the best holistic approach to digital guest communication by unifying all tools hotels need to communicate with their guests in one beautiful and easy-to-use system.

Our tool integrates Pre-Stay welcome e-mails & commission-free up-selling, In-Stay chat & feedback, Post-Stay feedback & reputation management and Next-Stay marketing campaigns and website chat.

With all guest communication in one single tool the hotel is able to offer a guest journey composed of a single conversation and experience, where the hotel is able to learn more about the guest with every single message.

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