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Honest feedback from your own guests in larger quantity than any public review site is the best source of data for both strategic decisions and running quick experiment with immediate results on guest satisfaction.

Loopon Post-Stay

Using post-stay surveys is a common practice for most hotels today. That’s why we work so hard on making our surveys stand out as short one-page questionnaires, beautifully designed and easy to answer. We always optimise with the guest experience as our first priority.

  • Send beautiful and simple surveys that are specifically tailored to your graphical profile.
  • Let your guests share their feedback on TripAdvisor for up to 400% more public reviews.
  • Our surveys help you solve problems instantly, but also gathers data over time to highlight recurring challenges and strategic opportunities at the hotel.
  • Delight your guests with personal replies and follow-ups to boost loyalty.
  • Easily share the feedback with the relevant departments.

Last but not least, Loopon Post-Stay also collects all relevant OTA-feedback and let you respond to it as well – so you have the full control of your guest satisfaction in a single system.


By the way, did we mention that Loopon won the award for Top Rated Guest Feedback Platform 2018?

Top Rated Guest Feedback


How does it work?

  1. You signup to Loopon
  2. We prepare an account for you and connect to your Property Management System
  3. We start automatically collecting feedback from all relevant OTA:s for you
  4. You tell us which areas you want to measure guest satisfaction on
  5. When you are ready we start the automatic process:
    1. One day after checkout we send a short and simple e-mail to your guests, asking for a little bit of feedback
    2. When your guests respond to feedback, it appears in an inbox you can access through the web or through your iPhone
    3. We share daily & weekly push reports through e-mail with all stakeholders you register with all new feedback
    4. You either respond to the guest or delegate issues to someone else at your hotel that responds
    5. Your guests are amazed that you listened to their feedback, and write a great review and plan their next trip to you 🙂


About Loopon

Loopon is on a mission to provide hotels with the best holistic approach to digital guest communication by unifying all tools hotels need to communicate with their guests in one beautiful and easy-to-use system.

Our tool integrates Pre-Stay welcome e-mails & commission-free up-selling, In-Stay chat & feedback, Post-Stay feedback & reputation management and Next-Stay marketing campaigns and website chat.

With all guest communication in one single tool the hotel is able to offer a guest journey composed of a single conversation and experience, where the hotel is able to learn more about the guest with every single message.

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