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With commission-free upselling & customization, your imagination is the only limit to how you can surprise your guests and exceed their expectations.

Loopon Pre-Stay

Today’s hotel guests are seeking unique experiences. By giving your guests the possibility to design their experience during the planning phase before visiting the hotel, you will give them more enriching and fulfilling experiences.

  • Send automatic pre-stay upselling and info e-mails, easily configurable & beautifully tailored to your hotel’s design.
  • Make the booking process as simple & frictionless as possible, by separating upselling & extra services to the pre-arrival email when the guest has already committed to stay with you.
  • Offer guests room upgrades to optimise room type occupancy – a sold premium room not only generates extra revenue, it also lets you sell your standard room again.
  • Endless number of smart & creative upselling opportunities:
    • Let guests bring their pets
    • Offer romantic packages
    • Ensure guests eat breakfast at your buffet
    • Provide local specials as treats in the room when arriving
    • Sell massage treatments
    • Provide tourist packages
    • Sell restaurant menus
    • your imagination is the only limit!


We will automatically customize the offers included in your pre-arrival emails based on information from previous visits, target group preferences, and many other parameters to obtain optimal conversion rates.

With Loopon Pre-Stay you will increase your revenue at the same time as your guests get a better experience and the reception staff saves time by not having to ask about upgrades. That’s what we call a win-win situation.


How does it work?

  1. You signup to Loopon
  2. We prepare an account for you and connect to your Property Management System
  3. You add all offers you want to provide to your guests
  4. When you are ready we start the automatic process:
    1. About one week before the arrival of the guest, we send an automatic e-mail with offers optimized for the specific guest
    2. The guest finds exciting things like a room upgrade they want and accept the offer with a single click
    3. You get notifications of what guests have requested, so you know what to provide them with
    4. When the guest arrives at the hotel, you provide the extras they’ve requested – for example the nicer room, or the champagne bottle at arrival
    5. Your guests are happy with their stay and give you excellent reviews after the stay 🙂



About Loopon

Loopon is on a mission to provide hotels with the best holistic approach to digital guest communication by unifying all tools hotels need to communicate with their guests in one beautiful and easy-to-use system.

Our tool integrates Pre-Stay welcome e-mails & commission-free up-selling, In-Stay chat & feedback, Post-Stay feedback & reputation management and Next-Stay marketing campaigns and website chat.

With all guest communication in one single tool the hotel is able to offer a guest journey composed of a single conversation and experience, where the hotel is able to learn more about the guest with every single message.

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