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Today’s revenue management is based on assumptions and manual workflows. Tomorrow’s revenue optimisation will be focused on strategy and automation. Pace makes it possible for hoteliers to fall in love with revenue management again through the following solutions:

  • Pace Pricing
    Pace uses state-of-the-art machine learning to evaluate your demand in real-time, and respond with optimal prices for every category, over the next 365 days. All of this happens hourly and is fully automated.
  • Pace Analytics
    Pace enables your team to visualise data that is relevant to your strategic goals. You can set up any visualisations, over any data, share them with stakeholders, and receive updates in real-time.
  • Pace Groups
    Groups are a strategic and valuable part of the business mix for most hospitality businesses. Pace enables your team to streamline workflows and ensures that priorities are shared across multiple teams.

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Feedback from Hoteliers

“We managed to set up our third property on Pace in a day! The system is so intuitive it just makes configuring everything so easy."

Michael Breiter, SV Hotel

"We have a unique business model and are managing huge growth. When we looked at the market for RMS we loved the innovation at Pace Revenue and it appeared to be an important technology partner for a business such as ours. So far the results have been exceptional."

Scott Keenan, WhyHotel Group