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Revenue ManagementAnalytics & BI

The all-in-one revenue platform. Pace sits between your PMS and the distribution landscape to help you realise your full commercial potential. We’re the only revenue platform on the market that’s easy-to-use for any revenue manager, includes truly native business intelligence and is built on top of an industry-leading pricing decision engine.

Revenue optimisation

The highest impact of revenue management comes from optimising prices and restrictions for better commercial outcomes. With our industry-leading decision engine, this is where Pace really shines.

Get automated

Revenue management covers a wide range of activities and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day…without automation operations can quickly become inefficient or error-prone. Too often both.

Business intelligence

Revenues are a cross-functional concern so we’ve made sure the Pace platform is easy to use for multiple stakeholders and teams and allows everyone to collaborate and work towards the same goal.


Prices and Setups

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Feedback from Hoteliers

“We managed to set up our third property on Pace in a day! The system is so intuitive it just makes configuring everything so easy."

Michael Breiter, SV Hotel

"Now I can focus on strategy and analysis whereas before I would spend four hours a day just doing price updates."

Arnold Linares, The Zetter Group

"We have a unique business model and are managing huge growth. When we looked at the market for RMS we loved the innovation at Pace Revenue and it appeared to be an important technology partner for a business such as ours. So far the results have been exceptional."

Scott Keenan, WhyHotel Group