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PickupTracking, as explicitly named, is the easy-straightforward monitoring software of the daily changes (pickup) in your hotel’s room reservation status, by market segment, for the next 365 days.

Developed by hoteliers especially for revenue managers, rooms division leaders, general managers and even top management overseeing multiple properties, PickupTracking provides users a comprehensive insight of their hotel business with the at-a-glance presentation of all relevant KPIs in clear tables and graphs.

PickupTracking’s numerous reports help in your analysis so you can apply agile revenue management and proactive rate strategies to maximize the performance of each of your market segments.

Key Features:

  • Easy setup – implementation possible within 24 hours
  • Extensive range of interfaces to PMS, including apaleo connect
  • Detailed overview: On the books, pickup, rate shopper’s data, and more
  • Historical “on the books” and pickup data (up to 5 years)
  • Customization of segment groups possible, apart from PMS source segments
  • Numerous reports and analyses (YoY, Pace Analysis, etc.)
  • Data visualization
  • Automated email transmission of reports (PDF, Excel)
  • Multi-property version available
  • Mobile app available

Joint users of PickupTracking and apaleo can benefit through the “apaleo connect”, wherein users can directly set up the import of their apaleo PMS data (OTB, available rooms, RN, ADR, Revenue, and more) into the PickupTracking revenue monitoring software.

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