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PrivateDeal is the first smart negotiation solution available directly on hotels’ websites. As a cloud-based solution, PrivateDeal allows guests to propose a price for a stay in response to which it will either accept or negotiate the offer. In the background, the hotelier can set up negotiation rules powered by an AI-based algorithm to interact with guests. Implementing the system on your website will allow you to:

  • Increase Direct Bookings by up to 40%
  • Boost Data Collection by up to 7x
  • Enhance the guest booking experience
  • Optimize Revenue Management through a demand-driven approach
  • Extend your offer by selling day-use bookings and ancillary services

Both the widget and the booking platforms are fully customizable and can adapt to your branding. Analytics are provided to help you understand the level of guest demand and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly. Leverage data to optimize your negotiation strategy and reclaim control over your acquisition strategy with PrivateDeal.

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