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RateTiger is known as one of the most stable Channel Manager in the market offering 99.9% system uptime and security certified under ISO, PCI and GDPR. RateTiger provides hotels with a seamless channel connectivity platform. Easy to use dashboard, intuitive features, regular product updates, 24×7 support, it offers a vast network of over 400 volume-producing distribution channels including popular global and regional online travel agents (OTAs), offline tour-operators, specialist, discount and niche sites, metsearch engines, GDS, booking engines and wholesalers along with advertising, e-commerce, marketing and social channels.

Improve your hotel revenue with better room rate and yield management – all from a smart single interface. Take complete control of your revenue management and inventory distribution strategy to control distribution costs and drive direct bookings. Monitor your channel performance and booking productivity by employing the best online sales partners to maximize your revenue potential. Benefit from –

– Real-time ARI update

– Seamless XML connectivity to channels

– Reduced Manual Errors

– Avoid Overbookings

– Automatic Room-mapping

Take a trial today to see why so many hotels worldwide trust RateTiger for their online distribution needs.

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Feedback from Hoteliers

“RateTiger is one of the best channel managers in the market. It is a very important tool to quickly and effectively manage online distribution. Our clients have experienced a lot of time saving in daily operations using RateTiger’s easy to use product platform. They have also seen online revenue grow to almost 35% since using these tools."

MiWell Nordic

“RateTiger provides us with all the major channels including regional channels and wholesalers to efficiently distribute rates and inventory, which has resulted in improved occupancy and revenue. The ‘real-time update’ of rates and availability happens in the true sense helping us stay ahead in an extremely competitive market like Macau. It’s a powerful tool for the ease of connectivity and making quick updates across all channels seamlessly. On top of that, the excellent support and training gives us the opportunity to comfortably use new product features and make the most of their innovative offerings. We consider RateTiger a reliable partner for all our connectivity needs.”

Hotel Okura Macau

"We have been using RateTiger for the last 8 years and are very satisfied with the services that totally match our needs. Thanks to the diversity of their distribution portfolio (OTA, Wholesalers etc), we can connect with bigger number of distribution partners and have experienced a steady growth in our online business. Amongst all the products I have used in the market so far, RateTiger remains one of the most powerful and efficient."

Hotel OTTO

'I have been using RateTiger services on a daily basis for a couple of years now and my experiences are great. Managing rates and inventory takes a massive portion out of my work and it can be handled properly via RT. Implementing new partners usually gets done within a couple of days which is also very important for us in order to be able to expand our sales strategy reflecting to the market demand."

City Hotel Mátyás

“RateTiger is more than just a channel manager. It’s a powerful tool for the ease of connectivity and making quick updates across all channels. The detailed demand information and scores ensures our selling strategies work more effectively. On top of that, the excellent support from RateTiger team is what makes it the perfect partnership.”

CasaSur Hotel Collection

“Mostly bookings happen at the very last minute – a lot of bookings come in closer to the stay dates, booking window is getting shorter. This has changed the way we do business. We now update OTAs daily – sometimes multiple times a day,”

InterContinental Istanbul

"RateTiger products provide a seamless process from rates to reservation delivery and everything in between. Users are able to customize the experience to fit their needs and strategies. The customer service of eRevMax exceeds all expectations with quick, thorough answers from any and all members of the team.”

Wellington Hotel NY

“We have been using RateTiger Channel Manager and Shopper for online distribution and rate benchmarking. The products are very simple and easy to use. We can manage all our channels in real-time and ensure we are not losing business to competitors. I can recommend this tool for any hotel that wants to effectively manage online revenue.”

DusitPrincess Srinakarin Bangkok Hotel

“I have been using RateTiger Channel Manager for a couple of years now and can confidently say it’s the best solution in the market. While the product makes real-time rate and inventory updates on all my connected channels, the Customer Support team is very professional and respond to queries efficiently. I am very happy to use RateTiger for online distribution and cannot ask for more.”

Hotel Sav

“We work with a number of online demand partners including the likes of, Expedia and In1 Solutions to name a few. RateTiger offers a wide network of channels which makes it easy for us to pick and choose who we want to work with. Not only do they offer a good mix of channels, they ensure the connections are smooth and stable so that updates are delivered in real-time,”

Arch House Apartments

“We have been using RateTiger Channel Manager to manage around 10 OTAs for each of our properties. The two-way connection between RateTiger Channel Manager and our Property Management System delivers ARI and reservations seamlessly between the PMS and OTAs in real-time. With a multi-property PMS for our 3 hotels, it would be impossible if reservations were not automatically delivered into our PMS.”


“With the rapid development in technology, ecommerce sales is an essential part of our travel trade business and contributes 50% of total hotel sales. Few years back it was tough to maintain various OTAs through their extranet but since we tied up with eRevMax and using RateTiger for rate and inventory update, it has made our life much easier.”

Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa

“The extremely competitive nature of the Prague hospitality industry, with constant changes in occupancy and rates, make it really challenging for small hotels like us. Managing OTAs, 24x7 bookings and rate queries was taking a toll and obstructing our focus from the core business of hospitality. RateTiger is great support system for a small hotel like The Charles. With its elegant simple interface and a responsive customer service, now everyday life is on cruise mode for me and my team. I am very happy with the service, support and the analytics of RateTiger. I would strongly recommend it.”

The Charles Hotel

"We’re one of the fastest growing hotel chains in Kenya and offer some of the finest hotels and lodges in East Africa. With RateTiger Channel Manager, we can maintain real-time availability and dynamic pricing based on analytics provided by the tool. This has helped us to improve our online presence by maintaining real-time room availability up to the last inventory across all distribution points in resulting better occupancy."

Sun Africa Hotels

“Excellent solution, I solved my needs in a timely manner for my 9 hotels and sites that I have hired, the support is very efficient. What I like the most, I can control the tool based on my needs."

Grupo Presidente