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RTConnect by eRevMax, the 2-way XML Gateway is built to facilitate connectivity between the supply and demand side of the hospitality industry.  OTA/HTNG compliant, the e-distribution gateway provides the perfect Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution for you to progress from a decentralized to a centralized distribution strategy – while keeping your distribution partner connectivity the same! The cloud based solution is being trusted by global hotel chains  provides seamless connectivity for real-time exchange of rates, availability and reservations between your PMS and selected channel.

Through one simple connection from your hotel systems, you gain seamless 2-way connectivity to all your distribution partners. RTConnect completely automates the distribution process to match supply with relevant demand, and maximize revenue from each room. Manage multiple hotel properties centrally and enjoy the support of centralized contracts with distribution channel easily.  Benefit from real-time ARI and booking delivery to be on top of your online sales. Grow your revenue with the best channel connectivity provider for your hotel.

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Feedback from Hoteliers

“We have been using RTConnect for the last 5 years and are very satisfied with eRevMax services that totally match our needs. Thanks to the diversity of their distribution portfolio (OTA, Metas, GDS, Wholesalers etc), we can connect with a large number of distribution partners. Amongst all the products I have used and tried in the market so far, RateTiger remains the most powerful and efficient.”

Hotel California Paris

“Over the last 2 years, we have seen our online sales grow 240% with a 305% increase in room nights via online sales. This has resulted in revenue growth of 30% and our RevPAR has increased by 12.3%. We have experienced an overall growth in business with RTConnect and have seen occupancies going up by 15% leading to an average occupancy of over 81% throughout the year. I can easily say that we have not yet been able to utilise the full potential of these tools, which brings me to recommend the excellent support that RateTiger offers.”

Frogner House

"NH Hotels is a dynamic company that focuses on providing the best of hospitality while targeting for revenue growth in all markets. RTConnect is a great connectivity partner helping us to implement new channels to expand our visibility to new source markets. Their level of service and support is incredible as they continue to innovate and offer new enhancements to boost online revenue and profitability."

NH Hotels

“We highly recommend RateTiger Connect to anyone looking for an effective, online channel manager. We are very pleased with the personalized support and excellent response time, due to which they seem like an extension of our own team.”

Hotel Beacon NYC

"The biggest challenge that we faced with our earlier distribution solutions was the time delay in sending ARI update to all channels. Proper distribution of rates and availability is very vital in eliminating parity issues which is an ongoing challenge with most of the hotels and one of the top most measurement factor which affects your search ranking in OTAs. RateTiger Connect has really changed that considerably given the amount of data which is pushed to the channel manager."

M Hotel Downtown by Millenium

“RTConnect’s expansive channel network gives us direct access to new, important source markets, and greater visibility in existing ones, to significantly lower our cost of acquiring guests. Our entire distribution process is centralized thus making it easier to monitor how we are performing against targets and manage accordingly. Secure channel connections and immediate updates help us implement strategic decisions instantly thus helping maximise group revenue effectively."


“The excellent connectivity between OTAs and PMS has allowed our staff to benefit from tremendous time saving by not having to manually enter reservations. RTConnect's 2-way XML connection consolidates reservation reporting resulting in drastic decrease in refunds while ensuring more frequent and strategic updates. It further assists our sustainability and green efforts thanks to reduced paperwork. This partnership with RateTiger has been wonderful for us."

Wyndham New Yorker