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RateTiger Shopper is a market-leading hotel rate intelligence solution that automatically gathers all the necessary competitive pricing intelligence for hotels to be fully aware of their market movements and apply dynamic pricing strategies to optimize their price-points both competitively and profitably.

It helps hotels to check whether room rates are accurate and in parity across all channels while analyzing room rates of their competitive set and rate positioning across multiple hotel websites, third party sales channels and online travel agents (OTA).

-Stay on top of your rate strategy and that of your competitors across multiple online sales channels.

-Get notified whenever your competitor makes rate changes.

-Use rate shopping data to maintain rate parity and rate integrity across third party websites.

-Connect rate data with your Revenue Management System (RMS) for improved efficiencies.

-Get scheduled or on demand rate reports from RateTiger’s hotel rate shopping software.

– Shop multiple parameters – view gross, net or on-site rate on different date range and parameters

-Know price position – get the lowest rate report across all selected extranets

– 24/7 Support for any questions you might have

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Feedback from Hoteliers

“It’s important to ensure that our rates remain competitive in the market and to have the benefit of maintaining rate stability during high and low periods to increase the demand. RateTiger Shopper makes it possible for us to optimize our pricing strategy through effectively responding to the dynamic changes in the market and retain competitive position."

Vincci Hotels

"According to a recent market survey, around 63% travellers to China book hotels online. RateTiger channel manager along with its price shopping tool are considered best in class products thus providing us a competitive edge in the market."

NH Hotel Group China

“We have been using RateTiger Channel Manager and Shopper for online distribution and rate benchmarking. The products are very simple and easy to use. We can manage all our channels in real-time and ensure we are not losing business to competitors. I can recommend this tool for any hotel that wants to effectively manage online revenue."

DusitPrincess Srinakarin Bangkok Hotel

“Rate parity & accurate inventory management is must to maintain your property at par with your competitors, specially clusters like Bur Dubai which are very price sensitive. We can say RateTiger is our most important partner - we have stretched our online market to 38 % since last 3 years due to excellent support & tools from RateTiger. We highly recommend this product especially in Dubai,”

Astoria Hotel, Dubai

"RateTiger Shopper bring me many immediate benefits such as saving time, better process automation, strategically better price positioning among comp-set that is very important for a better management and contributes positively in our pricing intelligence and decisions. RT Shopper allows me to analyze our comp-set better and take more assertive decisions. I can state that RateTiger offers a very user-friendly system - the fact of providing real-time data compared to other solutions available in the market was a crucial factor in my decision to choose RateTiger."

Hotelaria Brasil

"We’re very pleased to partner with RateTiger. The rate reports are very useful as we know when competitors are changing prices and we can act immediately and modify our pricing strategy as required. It’s great to work with technology that makes daily life simple. RateTiger team is 24 hours there to assist us in any kind of problems in English, German and Spanish as well."

Hotel California Kurfurstendamm

“The extremely competitive nature of Lisbon and Oporto market means we need to update rates and inventories multiple times a day, and require a solution that will meet our demands for market intelligence as well as channel management. RateTiger instantly confirms that an update has been made in the channel, right in the application, which is essential to my business in terms of saving time and money."

Continental Hotels