Ready2Order POS

Supports apaleo Connect

Uses apaleo One



Point of Sales

Connect your ready2order POS directly with Apaleo. Your team can book invoices from your POS terminal directly to the guests folio. No more manual steps are needed. You team saves several hours of manually entering invoice to the apaleo folio.

With ready2order POS you can process payments, manage and engage customers, check your stock and perform analysis in real-time. In addition to the extensive POS system you can also get professional hardware in our store.

Companies that use ready2order have access to a range of awesome tools that are more powerful and easier to use than enterprise systems – but only for a fraction of the cost.

You can get the ready2order POS directly from the software manufacture. We (vukee) are the developers of the ready2order to apaleo connection.

  1. All checked-in guest are added to ready2order POS
  2. In ready2order you select the “guest/room” to add a payment to the guests apaleo folio
  3. After check-out, guest is removed from ready2order (only checked-in guest are shown)
  4. Works also for all conference rooms in apaleo

We, the vukee GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg are the developer of this integration and not affiliated with ready2order GmbH.

Ready2Order POS is only available in Germany and Austria.

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