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Re:Guest is the most sophisticated software for high performance sales that delights your guests and keep your employees happy. We developed Re:Guest so that you can make more direct bookings, whilst having fun too. Our aim is to continuously improve the software to offer you the most innovative product on the market, securing the best possible competitive advantage.


Benefits for the management

  • More sales
  • More regular guests
  • More automation
  • More quality on reception
  • More benefits and sustainability

Benefits for employees

  • More time
  • More sales
  • Lighter workload
  • More support

Prices and Setups

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Feedback from Hoteliers

Re:Guest is a huge added value for our hotel itself and our guests. The 3 biggest and most important benefits for everyone are: -Individuality: We can freely create visually appealing offers and personalize them for each guest -Speed and efficiency: We can respond to requests at lightning speed, thanks to the Messenger function even when our guests are on the road -Reliability: Our employees can rely on Re:Guest. They have fun sending offers, because they know they are doing it in a professional way Price-performance is absolutely right – we’re big fans! Re:Guest is a very innovative software. That's great, of course, but you have to make sure you keep up and always coordinate internally how to best use the many innovations and design options. The whole team of Re:Guest Support is very helpful and always at our disposal in order to keep our projects moving and our (online) guest journey a truly memorable one.

Das Edelweiss Mountain Resort, Salzburg

With the use of Re:Guest, our sales have increased more or less by 30% because it helps us make follow-ups offers and concrete reservations. Our offers have changed radically; before we were never able to communicate our value, now in just one communication we give so much information and make our clients dream. Thanks to the Re:Guest Messenger, we can give immediate answers and there is a great harmony with the guest right away. Without Re:Guest we would have many difficulties sending multiple communications with different tools; instead with Re:Guest, in a single and very beautiful platform we can manage everything. We would never go back. There is nothing negative about Re:Guest, we would recommend it to any fellow hotelier because it is definitely the most professional software. Nowadays, improvisation doesn't pay anymore, potential guests want competent people. Re:Guest gives us the opportunity to put everything we can offer on a single platform. We couldn't do without it.

AktivHotel Santa Lucia, Nago Torbole

Reguest is a very clear information for guest in one platform with a practical messenger function and user friendly functions. Also important: it is mobile friendly.

Quellenhof, San Martino in Passiria