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It would be easier to manage your reservations from all OTA’s or GDS with only one login, wouldn’t it? Do you think that your website is not increasing reservations? Try RoomCloud Booking Engine and Channel Manager and save hours. offers software for hotels dedicated to:

  1. Online sales (Booking Engine)
  2. Distribution on OTAs (Channel Manager)
  3. Connection with GDS
  4. Connection to Metasearch (Google Hotel Ads Campaign, Trivago, TripAdvisor)

RoomCloud offers the ideal tools to strategically manage and increase hotel revenue. It can be integrated through its API with leading hotel management systems (PMS, RMS, CRS).

  • +6.000 clients in 50 countries
  • +500 OTAs connected worldwide

Prices, rooms and portals updates are possible via web 24/7 on real-time and the risk of underselling or overbooking is reduced.



RoomCloud Channel Manager updates portals through XML connection and automatically manages rates and availability on online sales channels, thereby saving time and avoiding overbooking. The certified 2-way connection also provides a high level of synchronization importing all online reservation from distribution channels.


RoomCloud Booking Engine is on-line reservation software and tool which allows you to activate a real on-line booking service via your official website without having to pay commissions. In this way, you will be able to eliminate the cost of the middleman, maximise the number of direct reservations and increase the cash flow of the hotel.


RoomCloud is certified IBE by Google™ for Hotel Ads, that allows online bookings coming directly from the most popular search engine in the world. Adhering to the PPC or PPA campaign, you can show your official website among the various portals involved in the comparison, thus increasing your visibility and chances of getting more direct bookings, lowering the cost of commission.

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