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With over 40 years industry experience, TiGERtms is probably the world’s largest single supplier of communications and guest management systems, integrated voice and data solutions, as well as BYOD solutions to the hospitality industry. We provide world class technology solutions to some of the largest and most prestigious hotel groups as well as hundreds of independent hoteliers.  Our client base extends approximately 18,000 individual hotels that run our applications.

TiGERtms product suite consists of the following;

  • iLink – Interface connectivity
  • iCharge – Communications Manager
  • innLine – Voice Management
  • iGuest – Guest service and notification
  • iSurf – WiFi Access
  • iPortal – App-less smartphone solution
  • iNotify – Intelligent smartphone messaging

An iLink – apaleo integration provides the most integrations and connects hundreds of applications to route data effortlessly between them.  These interfaces include:

  • Telephony
  • WiFi
  • TV systems
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Wake Up
  • Conference
  • Minibar
  • BYOD
  • Guest Services
  • Emergency Notification
  • Room control
  • Voicemail
  • Butler
  • And many more…

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Feedback from Hoteliers

“TigerTMS iLink has definitely improved our interface operations at The Cologne Marriott Hotel and 6 other Marriott International hotels affiliated to the IT cluster. All have been using TigerTMS for several years. We use iLink as the interface to display the names of guests from the hotel management programme to the telephone on reception. It displays the charges from the telephone system as a report in iCharge, accessed by reception via a web page. It allows us to have the telephone charges, via the hotel management programme, to be displayed on the guest bill.”

Karsten Stoppok, Senior Cluster Systems Manager, Köln Marriott Hotel Germany

“The iLink integration from TigerTMS is very stable and the performance has been exceptional. The exchange of data between the integrated systems is seamless and fast. We are delighted with the iLink integration with the Samsung REACH IPTV system at the hotel. One of the biggest drivers was to reduce the need for paper by using a platform where the guests could receive general and personalised messages and communications on their in-room TV. During the installation phase, the engineers were very professional and ensured the setup was fully functional and expectations met. The coordination was great despite being a remote installation. We highly recommend TigerTMS!”

Boaz Kiprotich Technical Engineer, HSC Limited