Travel Appeal

Travel Appeal reads all travelers reviews, social networks and 500+ sources across the Internet to find relevant information about your business. Using Artificial Intelligence, the system can then provide plain English recommendations.

Reputation ManagementAnalytics & BI

Travel Appeal helps you improve your online image and reputation by collecting and analyzing data from hundreds of sources across the Internet. Travel Appeal focuses on Reviews, Social Media, Rates and your Website, as these are the most important to get right in order to attract guests!Travel Appeal will help you improve your website by checking its completeness, readability, usability and technical compatibility with the latest devices and technologies. Travel Appeal also makes sure that it is well positioned on search engines and that your work on social networks produces optimal results. Travel Appeal compares the reputation of your competitors and their rates in real time, keeping you constantly up to date and giving you the opportunity to act in advance.

Travel Appeal provides you with a lot of data; the difference between us and all the others is that we turn this data into suggestions and actions, to immediately help you improve your reputation. Our Artificial Intelligence works just like a human mind, acting quickly, for you to spend less time on these matters and more time on your customers.

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