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Tripozon Messenger is an instant messaging application to help hospitality businesses to connect with customers through conversations and use it as a leverage to increase direct bookings, guest satisfaction and loyalty.

The app allows travellers to search, locate and book an accommodation through messaging or to redirect them to Hotels’ website. The aim is to give the opportunity to hoteliers to finalize reservations on their own without paying any commission. In exchange, hotels will have more flexibility to improve their services and to grant discounts more often.

Our goal is to meet travellers’ new expectations and bring to the Hoteliers the value of frictionless effortless hospitality experiences. On the one hand, this service guarantees great spontaneity and a privileged relationship to customers. On the other hand, hoteliers will receive business opportunities and will retain their customers. As a result, hotels will save or even start to earn more money from their Direct Bookings and will be able to offer very competitive rates to customers in return.

Your advantages:

– Design Customer Conversation to Drive Engagement

Simplify the end-to-end customer experience with a single conversation. Organize conversations around customers, not internal systems.

– Regain control from competitors

Build a booking, support and loyalty experience customers want to come back to.

Tripozon helps you create a direct line of communication to customers for a more

personal and engaging experience.

– Boost revenue with smoother up-sell opportunities

Consumers are more receptive than ever to personal recommendations. Tripozon allows you to expand revenue by providing unobstructed service and experience recommendations without annoying upselling.

– Drive Customer Loyalty with Personalized service

Rich product cards for bookings and service Seamless human interaction with customers Personalized experience recommendations based on chat history Instantly answer customer questions and concerns

– Own the mobile booking experience

51% of smartphone owners use them for booking online, buying flight tickets and other travel, tourism and leisure related activities. By 2020, there will be 725 million unique subscribers of mobile services. Use Tripozon to provide a seamless booking experience that isn’t just mobile optimized but mobilenative to keep customers coming back for more.

– Meet and exceed millennial expectations

Millennials are the experience generation, seeking events and travel more than simple products. Tripozon-powered messaging lets you offer localized, on-demand booking and service experiences for millennials who expect such convenience.


Tripozon Messenger selling points:

– In-house messaging platform: We have developed our own technology making any evolution flexible and easier. The multi-users option is included.

– In-house Directory: We also created a directory to allow businesses to display their activity and diversify their exposure on the App. The goal is to redirect customers to Hoteliers website to finalize reservations themselves.

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