Infrasys Cloud POS

Flexible, frictionless, and backed by elite support.

About Infrasys Cloud POS

Infrasys is a comprehensive Point Of Sale (POS) solution. It is built for groups and chains; we’ve used the best of the cloud to centralize management tasks and the experience of on-premises to focus staff attention on their guests.

Infrasys is cloud based & offline capabilities – Cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) systems provide cost-effectiveness, scalability, and accessibility, allowing companies to handle operations centrally and obtain real-time data. Meanwhile, offline features enable vital tasks to be completed locally on devices, ensuring that operations continue even in the event of an internet interruption or disruptions. This flexibility improves data security and offers a smooth client experience.

Integrations – APIs enable the independent scaling of various system components, which promotes scalability. This is especially helpful when using a microservices design, as different services can be grown independently to satisfy different needs.

Full-Service Solutions – Infrasys is a end-to-end solution, from mobile order-taking tablets with built in RFID, biometrics, chip and magnetic strip readers, to printers and dual screen devices for take-away locations

Flexibility - Infrasys POS systems are often customizable to suit the specific needs of different types of hospitality businesses. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt the system to their unique workflows and requirements whilst being able to access the platform from any authorized device.

24/7 Support - For hotels with operations spanning different time zones or those providing services around the clock, having access to support at any hour is crucial. 24/7 support accommodates the diverse schedules of businesses in various locations.

Fast. Reliable. Secure.
We’ve made Infrasys blazing fast so waiters can focus on service.
Build it your way
Update and tweak the system based on what employees find most productive. From menus to floorplans, Infrasys is all about maximizing time with guests and minimizing time on devices.

Integration features

Reservation details lookup

Utilize Infrasys POS to access reservation details and ensure that the restaurant staff is well-informed about your guests, promoting seamless operations.

Room charges

Apply any purchases made through the Infrasys POS system to the guest room's invoice in Apaleo, provided that room charges are applicable at your hotel.

Daily Non-reservation charge postings

During the generation of a Z-report, miscellaneous charges, tips, and payments not associated with reservations will be recorded in a newly established external folio within the Apaleo system.


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