AltoVita is a fast-growing global accommodation platform
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About AltoVita

AltoVita is a fast-growing global accommodation platform that delivers duty of care-compliant housing solutions to business travellers, including high quality serviced apartments, co-living housing, aparthotels, hotels, and homes worldwide.

AltoVita’s platform, supported by a dedicated Guest Experience team, enables corporate clients – from SMEs to Fortune 2000 companies – to source verified and vetted housing solutions for extended stays.

Become an AltoVita partner and gain access to unique revenue streams outside of the traditional OTAs and cater to AltoVita’s high-caliber, responsible clients.

AltoVita delivers housing solutions across 162 countries & 1200+ cities, including in Europe, North America, Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

How it works:

  1. Connect on Apaleo and contact us at AltoVita's Supply Chain Manager will be in touch and assist you with the onboarding process. The average onboarding process takes up to 14 days.
  2. Review terms & conditions.
  3. You will get access to AltoVita's hospitality partner dashboard to review and edit properties
  4. Start receiving requests and bookings from corporate clients. Your dedicated Account Manager assists with ongoing performance and conversion rate improvements.
High Calibre Corporate Guests
Apaleo’s operators now have access to AltoVita’s client base of high-caliber corporate guests who are seeking verified and vetted accommodations around the world, across 1,553 cities and counting.
Save time and increase booking volumes
For those hospitality operators interested in accessing a unique and lucrative demand for extended stays, AltoVita offers a streamlined and integrated product.

Integration features

The Power of Being Integrated to AltoVita via Apaleo

Using our API integration with Apaleo, we can pull through property information from our vetted and approved hospitality partners and present them immediately to the end user within a few minutes.


AltoVita has not shared public pricing.