char pmslink for IPTV

Universal connector that integrates any IPTV system with Apaleo

About char pmslink for IPTV

char pmslink is a universal connector that integrates any IPTV system with Apaleo and allows the hotel to exploit the full potential of its IPTV system and get the most out of its investment.

It is compatible with main IPTV system vendors:

  • Arantia
  • Alcad
  • HiBox
  • Fision Stay - Hotwire
  • Triple TV
  • and more...

The Hotel is able to:

  • Automatically send Guest's information from Apaleo to the IPTV system, to be used to improve guest's experience:
  • Personalized welcome message on TV screen using guest language.
  • Activate parental control in children's room.
  • Send messages to the room's TV from Apaleo interface.
  • Automatically include IPTV charges into Apaleo invoices.
  • Allow the guest to use the TV to:
  • See current bill
  • Do express checkout
  • Set wake up calls
Personalise the TV
Customise TV messages, apply parental control rules in rooms with children, etc.
Facilitates customer self-service
Allows customers to use the TV to perform actions with the PMS (view their current bill, express-checkout, etc).
Adapts to any architecture
Facilitates connection (local, remote, centralised) in a way that is the most cost-effective and functional for the hotel without hindering the optimisation of its systems.
Automatically invoice TV charges
TV service charges are automatically notified to the PMS and are included in the guest’s account for invoicing.

Integration features

Send welcome messages

Allows to display a welcome message to the guest on the screen. The message can be customised based on the guest information (Name, Language, ...).

Send PPV charges to PMS

Send PPV content charges automatically to the PMS system for billing at checkout.

Express Check Out

Guests can request express check-out from the IPTV system to check out and, in this way, save time without having to go to the hotel reception, avoiding queues, delays, etc.


Basic plan

Minimum charge 50 rooms Additional modules not included.

0.2 €/monthlyPer room