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Tap into exclusive B2B bookings through DèsVu’s global corporate accommodation platform.
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About DesVu Stays

DèsVu is a centralised hub of curated accommodations worldwide, including serviced apartments, extended-stay hotels, corporate housing options, and more.

DèsVu’s platform helps SMEs, Fortune 2000’s, and relocation companies find housing options for business travellers.

It’s aim? Streamlining the entire booking process, empowering its corporate clients to optimise costs, enhance efficiency, and create a seamless experience for their team(s).

As a DèsVu hospitality partner, you gain access to extended & high-quality B2B bookings from our established international partners.

By focusing on speeding up the current slow & tedious process of finding temporary accommodation, our platform significantly reduces the booking time for everyone involved, including our hospitality partners.

Join DèsVu’s Hospitality Partner Network - Here’s How:

  1. Connect your listings with DèsVu through the Apaleo Store.
  2. Review terms & conditions.
  3. Access your dedicated dashboard, where you can review & edit your properties.
  4. Start receiving corporate bookings.
Corporate Guests
DèsVu works with Multinationals & global RMCs, actively seeking accommodation options.
Time Saving - Streamlined B2B Booking Process
As a company whose founding members were once part of a company managing many properties, DèsVu developed a product that keeps its hospitality partners in mind.
Extended Stays
Get access to corporate bookings with longer durations of stay.

Integration features

DèsVu Integration via Apaleo

Through Apaleo’s API, we will synch your inventory, rates and availability and showcase it to our mutual customers within minutes.