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About fanz

How do we support you? At fanz, we are on a mission to connect companies with new and existing customers in a powerful way.

We are building amazing, easy to use, value-added services on top of the existing digital payment infrastructure that both businesses and customers love. Once you combine smart ways of accepting digital payments with loyalty rules, review automation, direct messaging, smart referrals, loyalty ad networks, smart tipping, machine learning and more, we can rethink the way businesses transact, interact and connect with new and existing customers.

Convenient and fast payments integrated into apaleo

  • Enable QR code payments at Point-Of-Sale or send payment links via SMS/email
  • Multi-channel payment via Ecommerce as well – one solution for getting paid via your website, acquiring new customers and retaining them
  • Guests can conveniently pay with their mobile phones using their favorite payment providers like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.!
  • Fast, secure and PSD2 compliant
  • No hardware terminals, no maintenance, no touch at Point-Of-Sale
  • Brings offline payments online with seamless integrations from the apaleo dashboard
  • Powerful state-of-the-art CRM / Loyalty included without the need for additional cost intensive software

Turn payments into a marketing machine

  • After payment, up to 80% of all customers participate in collecting cashback, 10x more than industry standard!
  • No data silos, no sign-ups, no cards, no apps, no complex redemption and integrations. Fanz makes it convenient and beneficial for customers to spend more money with a business or group of businesses.
  • We match collected cashback to the customer’s mobile number and send text messages with a 100x higher response rate than traditional marketing.

Powerful merchant backend

  • You can define your own loyalty rules such as % of cashback, frequency and time frame.
  • Access to transactions and customer data in real time.
  • Detailed reporting on each payment, redeemed cashback, cost and ROI at your fingertips.
  • Form a network by inviting other merchants into your network

A new kind of CRM on autopilot Our built-in CRM knows best (based on machine learning) when to send your existing customers a personalized text message to retain them. “Your x€ cashback is waiting for you. Come back x more times for payout”

Motivate customers to refer a friend Incentivize your customers to refer a friend so you can acquire new ones. “Invite a friend and you both get x% cashback at your next purchase with Y”

Get on top of every Google search Fanz triggers your customers to review your business after every purchase. More reviews mean more customers finding you and buying from you. “Wooohooo. You just received x€ cashback.

Integration features

New Reservation Creation

fanz will create a new reservation in apaleo


Fanz Payment Engine™

With fanz you bring them online. Your customers pay with their mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal...

1.4%Generated revenue
Fanz Loyalty Engine™

Define your loyalty rules such as cashback %, frequency and timeframe. Reach 100% of paying customers without the need of costly systems.

0.39%Generated revenueFree for 365 days
Fanz Review Engine™

Enable your customers to seamlessly leave a review after every purchase. More reviews means better rankings, means more revenue.

0.49%Generated revenue