helloTESS! point of sale

helloTESS! is a cloud-based POS system - from family business to international hotel chains

About helloTESS! point of sale

helloTESS! is a cloud POS cashier system. In a world changing towards digitalization and changing requirements, the flexibility of a POS is key. With our iPad-based POS, manually installing updates and performing maintenance tasks are over, saving you time and effort and ensuring that you are using the latest software version with bug fixes and security patches without manual work.

helloTESS can be easily scaled up or down based on your business needs by offering flexibility in terms of adding or removing locations, features, integrations, or users, which can be adjusted as your business requirements evolve. With a variety of partners, you are free to add any additional service that fits you best, offering innovative and time-saving features like self-ordering and -payment, table reservations, shift scheduling, inventory control, and many more. In addition to that, our open API provides an interface that allows you to connect other software keeping your performance at a peak while offering maximum flexibility.

The integration to Apaleo allows real-time data flows transferring your POS data into Apaleo while also giving the option to transfer bills to a specific room based on the guest name or room number. The latest addition in features is the Adyen connection which not only makes it possible to automatically send the amount charged to the Adyen Credit Card terminal but also to integrate to Apaleo Pay. If activated in the terminal, tip request as well as currency charged can be requested on the CC terminal.

Here are some more features that helloTESS offers:

  • Apaleo room booking
  • Integration to Apaleo Pay / Adyen (automatic amount transfer + tip request on cc terminal)
  • floor plans
  • offline functionality (syncing as soon as the connection is back up)
  • turn your menus and items on and off depending on the availability in your location (perfect for multiple locations)
  • detailed reporting
  • staff login via token or pin
  • functionality in different countries, e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, etc.
  • etc.

If you want to learn more or have a tour through the system to check if it is a fit, contact our helloTESS hotel enthusiast Anika Saus, anika.saus@hellotess.com, +491709294506

Manage multiple locations
Easy and fast ways to adapt products and settings for one or multiple locations within one handy backoffice.
Full PMS integration
Avoid manual entries with real-time data flows and room charges to Apaleo.
Offline mode
Even if your connection is down, helloTESS will continue to work smoothly syncing as soon as the connection is up again.
On-demand support
We are here when you need us. Our support is real which means there are real people answering your Emails and picking up your calls giving their best every day to support you and your business.

Integration features

Transfer all POS data to Apaleo

Keep your reporting clean by transferring all POS data to Apaleo. Your finance department gets all data through Apaleo to

Room charges

Charge any order made in the POS to the guest room’s bill in Apaleo if room charges are available at your hotel.

Adyen Credit Card Terminal with automatic transfer

Connect helloTESS to your Apaleo Pay / Adyen terminals to enable the automatic transfer of charges. It is up to you and your Adyen settings if you want to enable currency requests and tip on the CC terminal.


Software License package

Our innovative and easy-to-use iPad-based POS cashier system software that can easily be expanded by single elements (e.g. mobile terminals)

137 €/monthlyPer property