Hotel-Spider Channelmanager

Enter your rates and availabilities in our system or have your PMS send them to us.
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About Hotel-Spider Channelmanager

Integrate and automate all your systems with reliable two-way interfaces. Enter your rates and availabilities in our system or have your PMS send them to us. This data is then forwarded to all your connected booking portals. When a reservation is made, we import the reservation and automatically change the inventory on all platforms. The reservation is then sent to you and synchronised with your Property Management System.

Use the platform you are familiar with to control your online distribution. A full, two-way integration with your property management system or revenue management system will automate your distributio
Hotel-Spider is completely transparent: full access to all change logs gives you security through transparency. You can even drill down to the messages that have been sent out or received by our syste
Our channel manager can be adapted to exactly suit your needs. Price derivations allow you to work with a pre-defined price logic, where products are linked. For example, your non-refundable rate move
Our modern and easy to use extranet gives you a fast and efficient access to manage your property. Changing your sales strategy is easy; with unlimited control you can adapt the extranet to your needs

Integration features

ARI updates and reservation push

Prices, availabilities and booking rules (MinLos, CTA,CTD) are being communicated from Apaleo to Hotel-Spider. Reservations form the OTAS and all online channels get pushed directly to Apaleo.


Hotel-Spider Channel Manager

Manage up to 100 products(i.e.10 room types, 10 rate plans), Unlimited booking channel connections and Apaleo integration included.

89 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 30 days