Katanox enables a direct and connection between accommodation providers and travel sellers.
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About Katanox

Katanox is a travel accommodation distribution and fintech platform that brings together travel buyers and suppliers. Katanox facilitates the distribution of travel accommodation inventory and payments. The platform is unlocking the programmatic era for B2B distribution in hospitality. The Katanox direct booking API allows hotels and travel buyers to connect directly to do business transparently. In just 10 minutes, you can connect to the next generation of travel buyers, reach new audiences and stay in control of who you work with and on what terms.

We connect you to a new generation of travel buyers that are eager to start working with you, but will not hand over their earnings to the usual gatekeepers and intermediaries.
Receive all available customer data straight into your Apaleo account in order to start selling ancillary services pre-check-in and increase customer lifetime value.
Set the rates straight from your PMS and let them sync automatically, never having to worry about policing rate parity.
Our efficient payment flow ensures you are paid following the agreed terms while reducing the financial fees on virtual credit cards and exchange rates.

Integration features

Rates and Availability

Automatically sync availability, rates and restrictions with different channels

Managing reservations

Reservations can be created, modified or canceled via Katanox


Upload your own content, set featured images for each unit and on property level



Onboard for free and negotiate your commission with your demand partner directly.