Say goodbye to printed lists with our digital breakfast solution for hotels and resorts.
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About MyBreakfast

You know the problem!

It's a stressful morning and all the guests want to have breakfast together. The guest list is probably still lying next to the spilled orange juice at the other end of the restaurant.

With MyBreakfast, we solve a problem that has existed in the hotel industry for decades. We are putting an end to printed guest lists in the breakfast room.

Not only are these printed lists a veritable Eldorado for data thieves and therefore a real security risk, they also don't fit in at all with the modern hotel landscape of today.

With MyBreakfast, your guest data is always perfectly synchronized with your PMS. So you know at a glance which rooms have booked breakfast, can record walk-ins directly and welcome VIPs or birthday children with an extra smile.

With our direct integration into Apaleo, your digital breakfast check-in is just a few minutes away, and with the free 30-day trial, you don't take any risks.

Guest management & digital check-in
Check in your guests quickly and stress-free via tablet, smartphone or PC.
Working in a team & live synchronization
Work on several devices simultaneously as a team and speed up your check-in service.
Marking of VIPs, anniversaries & birthdays
With just one glance, you can recognize VIPs and special events (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries) directly at check-in.
Perfect privacy
We protect the privacy of your guests by preventing unauthorized access to your guest data.

Integration features

Automatic import of daily guest data

Enables the automatic import of current guest lists from Apaleo into MyBreakfast. This ensures that all breakfast reservations and guest data are up-to-date, synchronized and available to breakfast staff at all times, without manual effort.

Comparison of rates and services

Automatically checks whether breakfast is already included in the guest's booked rate plan. This information is displayed in MyBreakfast and helps hotel staff to keep an overview and avoid misunderstandings.



Offers basic functions such as guest management, digital check-in and real-time synchronization. Ideal for smaller hotels.

49 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 30 days

Advanced analysis, VIP functions and individual design. Perfect for a first-class breakfast experience.

99 €/monthlyPer propertyFree for 30 days