Pxier Sales & Catering

Cloud-based solution to manage your hotel's event/conferencing venues.

About Pxier Sales & Catering

Your All-in-one platform to manage events, catering, table reservations, online event reservations, event bookings, Inventory management, digital signage and more.

Pxier provides cloud-based software and custom services to assist in delivering solutions for the hospitality industry. Our software products are designed to effectively manage your hotel resources and optimise revenue. Pxier can be customised to suit your hotels exact requirements, from catering to large social events to simple meeting room reservations.


  • Customer and Lead Management
  • Proposals and Contracts
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • BEO and Function sheets
  • Food Menus and Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Forecasted Food Sales
  • Digital Contracts and Electronic Signatures
  • Event Scheduler
  • Reporting analysis with option to add BI reporting
  • Digital Signage
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Event Booking
  • Notifications and Reminders
  • Google and Outlook Integration

Integration features

Direct charge to an apaleo account

System can look for a reservation, post a charge and the payment directly to apaleo account.


Pxier Small

Up to 4 Halls/Event Spaces.

65 €/monthly
Pxier Medium

Up to 10 Halls/Event Spaces.

100 €/monthly
Pxier Large

Includes up to 20 Halls/Event Spaces.

150 €/monthly