RateTiger Channel Manager

RateTiger Channel Manager

Grow your revenue with the #1 Channel Manager. Expand your hotel's online visibility and revenue.
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About RateTiger Channel Manager

RateTiger is known as one of the most stable Channel Manager in the market offering 99.9% system uptime and security certified under ISO, PCI and GDPR. RateTiger provides hotels with a seamless channel connectivity platform. Easy to use dashboard, intuitive features, regular product updates, 24×7 support, it offers a vast network of over 400 volume-producing distribution channels including popular global and regional online travel agents (OTAs), offline tour-operators, specialist, discount and niche sites, metsearch engines, GDS, booking engines and wholesalers along with advertising, e-commerce, marketing and social channels.

Improve your hotel revenue with better room rate and yield management – all from a smart single interface. Take complete control of your revenue management and inventory distribution strategy to control distribution costs and drive direct bookings. Monitor your channel performance and booking productivity by employing the best online sales partners to maximize your revenue potential. Benefit from –

  • Real-time ARI update

  • Seamless XML connectivity to channels

- Reduced Manual Errors

  • Avoid Overbookings

- Automatic Room-mapping

Take a trial today to see why so many hotels worldwide trust RateTiger for their online distribution needs.


RT Channel Manager

RateTiger Channel Manager for unlimited channels

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